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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Top 20 Car Manufacturer's in the World

Following on from the Toyota crisis and also my own personal interest in the Tata Motor Company of India, I have found the rankings of the top car manufacturer's at present.

1. Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)

2. General Motors (USA)

3. Volkswagen (Germany)

4. Ford Motor Company (USA)

5. Honda Motor Company (Japan)

6. Nissan Motor Company (Japan)

7. Peugeot / Citroen (France)

8. Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea)

9. Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japan)

10. Fiat Motor Group (Italy)

11. Renault (France)

12. Daimler (Germany)

13. Chrysler Group (USA)

14. BMW (Germany)

15. Kia Motors (South Korea)

16. Mazda Motor Corporation (Japan)

17. Mitsubishi (Japan)

18. OAO (Russia)

19. Tata Motors Ltd (India)

20. First Automotive Group Corporation (China)

Notable absentee in the top 20 are Volvo (Sweden) at number 28, though it was bought by Ford and now sold again!

Japan is the dominant nation, just as it was in electronics with 6 out of the top 20.

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Dunitz Sandrino said...

Great to see the list of top automobile suppliers. Thanks for posting!


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